FFA Events

FFA Events

Below are the events, listed by marking period, which may count as an FFA event.  Students are required to attend 1 event per marking period to achieve thier FFA event grade.  You may NOT count your 1 event as SAE hours or a committee responsibility.  Class field trips do NOT count as events.

MP 1

Goshen Fair (set-up or shift)
Big E (attend the chapter trip or floral design competitor)
Warren Fall Festival (set-up or shift)
Alumni Candle Sale (sell 10 items)
Citrus Sale (sell 10 items)
National Convention
Bunnell Farm Corn Maze
Alumni Dinner/Family Night
Timber Team Competition/Show

MP 2
Holiday Party
Wreath Making Night
Holiday Sales
Woof Wash
Holiday Stroll
Fall CDEs (must be on a team that competes)

MP 3
Northeast Floral Expo
Winter CDEs (must be on a team/individual that competes)
District Public Speaking CDE (attend as a spectator or competitor)
Alumni Pie Sale (sell 10 items)
FFA Week (details on what will count given closer to date)
New Student Celebration Night

MP 4
Spring Sales/Spring Plant Day
Spring CDEs (must be on a team that competes)
Fish Fry
State Convention
Tractor Pull

Other Events That May Count (marking period TBD)

Recreational activities (planned by the Healthy Lifestyles Committee)
District Socials