SAE Recordbooks

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The following dates are the deadlines for the completion of SAE hours & submission of recordbooks for each semester.  This includes a signed signature page and all updates on the pages.

Semester 1: January 22, 2018
Semester 2: June 11, 2018

SAE Grading:

Placement Checklist

Entrepreneur Checklist

Signature Form


SAE Recordbooks:

Placement Recordbook - 2015 update

Entrepreneurship Recordbook - 2015 update

Signature Form

SAE Approval Forms:

Please check with one of the advisors if you are unsure about what forms you need for your SAE or have questions about completing the forms.

Universal Structured Work Based Learning Plan & Partnership Agreement (needed for entrepreneurships & placements that do not need a waiver**)

Unpaid Work Experience Form (for volunteer positions)

**Click here to see if you need one of the following waivers for your SAE:

LED 75-1

LED 31-23