Crowley, Mr. Kevin

KC Class sop's.doc"Setbacks are short-term and changeable.
Setbacks and failure linger only if you
allow them to.

- Jay Bilas' book "Toughness"-


About Mr. Crowley:

I have been teaching math at Wamogo since August 2001.  This year I will be teaching Algebra 2, both Honors and CP classes.  I have been the Girls Basketball Team's Head Coach since 2000.  I am married and have two sons.  My oldest son is a 2017 graduate of Wamogo.

About the classes:

Each class is based on a rigorous approach to Algebra 2 with an emphasis on tools and strategies.  Analytical and logical thinking and problem solving will be an emphasis throughout the year.  Most students know how to do things in math, I want them to understand why they do them as well.  Each student will be asked to communicate their knowledge in written and spoken forms.  Group work will be utilized to encourage communication among students and to help build understanding.  Common Core will be a guiding influence throughout each course.


During class we will use TI-83 or TI-83+ graphing calculators.  I have a classroom set of TI-83 calculators for use 
during class.   Assignments will not require students to use a graphing calculator outside the classroom...however having your own graphing calculator is recommended for use in and out of class.

Assignments, all classes

Important dates for classes:

MP 1 on line Progress Reports:  9/28/18
 MP 1 Grades for Mr. Crowley close on:  11/1/18

All Classes will have a FINAL EXAM!!

Please remember you can check your grade,assignments
or missing work anytime using Power School.

Mr. Crowley's Schedule:

Days AC                                                     Days BD:

Block 1 - Cafe Study                                     Block 1 - Algebra 2

Block 2 - Honors Algebra 2                            Block 2 - Algebra 2

Block 3 - Honors Algebra 2                            Block 3 - Prep / Duty

Block 4 - Cafe Study                                     Block 4 - Algebra 2

Extra help:  Mr. Crowley can meet with students during 1AC, WIT, 3BD, Lunch, 4AC  or after school by appointment.  Drop ins are welcome but appointments are the best way to avoid a conflict that may prevent us from working together.

Retake Policy:   This policy applies to Mr. Crowley’s classes only. Other teachers may have their own policies/expectations. You may retake interim assignments (quizzes) once.
There will be no retake for summative assignments (tests).

Procedure:  From the day I post the Interim scores in Gradebook, you have 5 school days in which to retake it up.   In these 5 days you need to do all of the following:
1.  Inform Mr. Crowley you would like to retake an Interim. 
2.  Arrange a time to meet with Mr. Crowley to go over your original quiz and/or do more practice.
3.  Complete all Formative assessments leading up to the Interim assessment.
4.  Schedule a time to retake the Interim.
The higher of the two quiz scores will be the final score.

Mr. Crowley's:                             

September open house

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Class Expectations and Grading Policy

Student Information Form

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Coordinate Planes (graph paper)