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Dear Wamogo Families,

At the present time, our district is faced with the challenge of limited transportation for athletic competitions. There is currently a certified driver shortage across the state that is impacting many districts.

This shortage impacts athletics with the availability of certified drivers.  Every effort is being made to be as creative as possible to avoid the need to postpone, reschedule, or cancel games due to a lack of transportation.  

Such efforts include rescheduling competitions to times when transportation is more likely to be available.  These times include weekends and weekdays after 4:30 p.m. once the regular day bus routes are complete. An effort will also be made to reschedule games such that one bus transports more than one team.

While it will be difficult to predict when the driver shortage could surface as an issue from day to day, any postponement or cancellation of a game will be communicated as early as possible. Parents are encouraged to check for updates to our athletic website.


Sabin Loveland


Dan Nemergut

Athletic Director